Do you want to live the life you want or a habitual busy life?

996, which has been popular in China recently, is a de facto work schedule commonly practiced in China. It derives its name from its requirement that employees work from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 6 days per week.

This topic caused an uproar on the internet, there is praise and derogatory, everyone is also talking about.

Not to say how the system works, because some entrepreneurs think this is their work attitude, the opposition also naturally think that they see only work and lack of other aspects.

Of course, this is only a different point of view, I think it is still based on what life the individual wants to pursue.

Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams and the life they want.

Some people say: the greatest success in life is to live a life according to their own wishes.

But often the reality is that everyone is fighting for their own life or career, the vast majority of people are still not so capricious, not many people can say: “I can support my family without working”, and we ordinary people still have to bow to reality.

live the life you want


Although we can not be so wayward to choose the job, but we have the choice to treat the job with attitude and quality.

Some people work every day is to muddle through, there are a lot of people has a positive working attitude, enterprising, pursuing work efficiently, quality and quantity of the completion of the job.

The latter work is effective, easy to produce results, and constantly closer to the successful life they want. The former naturally has lesser hope.

There is another kind of person who feels busy every day, between the two, use busy as a daily mantra.

They don’t have time to exercise every day, they don’t have time to educate their children, they don’t have time to learn, they don’t have time …

They seem to think of making money as the whole of life, so much so that they miss out on too many things worth doing in life. In their last old age, started to feel sorry. And they represent most of us.

Because they habitually say “I’m busy”, but the results of their busyness are not guaranteed.

Just like a lot of people know that their physical is not good, they also exercise is good for them, but the people who take action really less.

Maybe they have been saying to go for the gym for a year, but after a few years, they are still the same.

The excuse for this kind of person is “wait until I have money, wait until I have lesser things to do, then I will go to the gym.”

The reality is that this kind of person will never wait for the day of going to the gym because every stage of life has the corresponding things need to do and corresponding responsibilities to bear.

It’s not just about exercise, they’re the same on other things.

In fact, a lot of things in life, if we want to do, such as travel, after we do it, it is over.

Life won’t have so many limits, at this time some people will say, “I need to work every day, the economy does not allow me to travel.”

You see, it’s the same thing as saying that you want to go to the gym but don’t take action.

live the life you want


A lot of regret in life is because of “wait”.

You don’t feel like you have time for exercise, so why are there so many successful entrepreneurs who have made exercise as their daily habit.

We are always good at finding excuses for ourselves and not being good at solving problems.

No money, no vacation, we can save up every month of our annual leaves, spend a small amount of money to travel in the state, step by step, start from the simplest travel route.

If still cannot, then work harder, strive for efficient output, make some achievements, I believe that your company will also grant you a holiday.

Have you noticed, habitually say that they are busy, can easily fall into a vicious circle, and is likely to be a lifetime.

What’s more, they may not be effective from the busyness, not able to get the results they want, and not able to live a life they want.

If so, how far are you from the life you want?

At this time, will we be more anxious?

Really successful people can reasonably allocate their work and life time. This kind of people can work efficiently, have a regular life, and self-discipline.

They often do morning exercises, high efficiency and high energy during work, accompanying their families after work, go travel with their families during holiday, it seems that they are all skilled, satisfy at every aspect.

So, are we ordinary people not able to do this?

Of course not, each of us has the potential to develop and create a wonderful life of our own.

For most of us, it takes courage and painful experience to change this busy state, but the price of that change is well worth it.

After all, long pain is not as good as short pain, after the change can be developed towards a virtuous cycle.

Therefore, we want to refuse to die at ease, we need to break the current sense of comfort, re-establish a balanced and orderly happy life.

When facing life’s problems, we need to break down the steps, just like a layer of onions, break it down to the smallest unit, and then to the smallest steps to allow ourselves to carry out willingly. So, as we continue to do, we are gradually changing.

After some time, the changes can be seen, eventually will become what you want, live the life you want.

Change is painful, but it can be painful for a lifetime without change.

So, do you want to live the life you want, or are you going to be busy and mediocre for the rest of your life?