Do you still remember your dream you had when you were young?

Do you still remember your dream?

When you were seven years old, you saw a toy that you like very much, but because the price is too expensive, your parents were not able to buy for you, and your heart longs to grow up faster, so you can start making money to buy your favorite toys.

When you were fifteen years old, when facing homework from school every day, and also need to face the high hopes from your teacher and parents, it’s like a mountain pressure making you hard to breathe. At that time, you are eager to grow up quickly, so you do not need to do the homework every day, have more time to do what you like.

When you were twenty-three years old, you had become an adult that you wish for, you can finally get rid of those people and things that bind you, you can show off yourself and do something.

You can buy the toys you want to buy when you were a child, no one will be nagging you, no endless homework; can have more time to arrange what you want to do, live your life as if this is the “grow up” you envy of during your childhood.

remember your dream


But the reality gives you a hard slap on your face, you face employment problem every day, you are sending out resume online every day, but each interview is always ended with “not suitable”. Because without a job, you can only rent in a small room, you look at your bank account, eventually, you shook your head and went to the convenience store to buy buckets of instant noodles for dinner tonight.

You began to calculate carefully to live every day, you were once buying things without looking at the price, but now you will often pay attention to the supermarket discount.

You were also once fantasized about having a sweet love, but now you just bury it in your heart.

Facing the house prices that getting higher and higher, and your salary is only enough to feed yourself, you can not help but fall into meditation, can you still buy a house?

You are becoming more and more silent, the sincere smile becomes lesser and lesser, more and more going along with others, things that you like become lesser and lesser. If there is nothing to do, you would rather lock yourself in the room, enjoy alone time, no work problem, no pressure to live, you feel that only at that moment you are living for yourself.

One early morning, you stand on the balcony, countless of cigarettes on the ground, you began to think back to the past, think of that energetic young man, who once said to use his/her own hands to achieve the dreams, but now it is like the shoes filled with lead, dreams have turn into bubble in reality. You are lost, helpless, sighing, but do not know how to change.

Looking back, you found that your childhood self had long been blurred, and the person in the mirror seems to become a stranger. Do you still remember your dream?

Isn’t this want you’ve been longing for?