Do you really understand the story of The Tortoise and the Hare?

The story of the tortoise and the hare is well known, adults always like to tell children, “the hares think they run fast, and look down on the tortoise, stops during the race and falls asleep, in the end, lose to the tortoise, and we should not learn from the hare.”

This story, will only be told to the children by the adults, and then tell a lot of truth, but the adults never think about a problem, the tortoise clearly know that it won’t be able to win the hare, why does it still race with the hare?

Is the tortoise stupid? If the tortoise is stupid, why should we learn from it? In real life, many parents are doing the same thing. When the parent sees someone else’s family’s child studying every day at home, they will ask their own children to learn from others. Maybe someone else’s child is a tortoise, learning speed is slow, and your child is an efficient rabbit.

Well, if this tortoise is not stupid, it should know that it will definitely lose, it will not think that the hare will fall asleep. So what is its purpose of racing against the hare?

The tortoise may be wanting to be famous. Their ability definitely has huge differences, this kind of game has a gimmick, can attract the eyes of others. Anyway, the tortoise has its weakness, if it lost, it is normal, we will also feel that it has the courage. In case of a small probability event, the tortoise wins, and surely it will be famous. From the point of view of the race, the tortoise has nothing to lose.

The Tortoise and the Hare


Of course, from this point of view, this hare is a bit silly. Hares, of course, can run faster than the tortoises, but still, race with the tortoise. If it wins, it is for granted, if it loses, it is such an embarrassment, no good for it anyway.

If the hare is clever, it must have ulterior motives in racing against the tortoise. For example, the hare took advantage of the tortoise, ask the tortoise to work together to complete this “show”, and help the tortoise to become famous.

I think such a thing is quite common in this day and age. A lot of online media is that smart hare, they like to retweet sensational articles, help those who make up fake news to build momentum, make some money.

Reading this story in this way, I feel that it is full of material gain, but there is no right or wrong in the adult world, only interests. The story of the tortoises and the hares, after you grew up, it is not that simple anymore. We are not facing the world in the fairy tale, we are faced with a complex society. If face society with a simple heart, you might suffer.

One more perspective, a little more thinking, I’m not trying to make things complicated, but I’m just asking you not let your guard down.