Do you know what you look like?

Do you know what you look like? When you see yourself in the mirror, do you know who you really are?

Your photos in your phone are they really you?

Is what others see you is the real you?

Sometimes I will have such a thought, what do I look like? I can’t help thinking, I can’t seem to describe what I look like.

We can easily find people we know in the photo and describe them. But to myself, it always seems to feel like an abstract recognition.

We see our young self in photos, it seems to be just a mechanical sense, oh, this is me. I remember my own clothes, I remember where I took the photo, like a kind of repeated deliberate memory, just know that it is our own.

We often look in the mirror when we know that this is us, seems to be a short memory, but as to what we really look like, we can’t describe in detail.

People are always innate filters, which may not be intentional most of the time. In fact, just as each of us has never really heard our own voice.

We tend to resonate with ourselves, unable to get out through the air, but automatically adding filters in our minds.

So it is difficult to judge yourself fairly. You look down at yourself is more serious than others, so there will be inferiority. And sometimes when you will look yourself more perfect, so you will be confident and conceited.

Through a lot of things, we often objectively evaluate others, but the most difficult to evaluate is ourselves.

When we see others, we combine the scene, that person’s movement expression, and so on to form a memory picture, engraved and store in our mind.

That is, half of the other people’s memories come from vision, so it’s easy to remember what they look like. And for ourselves, we often can not see our expression and form, but from the feeling, inner activity, and other feedback to leave a memory.

So when you think about yourself, it’s more about your own thoughts, actions, and expressions, without your face.

It is reported that animals just do not know what they look like. Although they have eyes, but they have no self-awareness. The difference between human beings and animals is the ability to know and understand.

We now only have a vague impression of our own appearance, which is actually a growth process of human evolution, we can understand the existence of ourselves and relatives through subjective concepts, improve our ability to understand ourselves.

However, for people who have been together for a long time, there will be a certain degree of appearance fade. As we often say, people’s communication with people, starting with appearance, long-term based on characteristics.

At the beginning of knowing a person is mainly based on the face, after a long time, slowly understand their characteristics, through understanding, will also make you feel the external is changing.

Thinking about everyone seems to us to be a vision that we’ve been in our own heads. Just as you and a person talk about something you’ve been through together, maybe your memory points are completely different. The same goes for human cognition. We piece disassembled fragmented information into one person.

The universe we see is like this because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be here to observe it.

In other words, our understanding and description of the universe carry our unique human cognitive abilities. The reason we see the universe is this way. Because if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be here to observe it, and we wouldn’t have asked the question.

In fact, whether or not we know ourselves, the world is still the world.

Dinosaur era, the world is already like this. With the emergence of human beings, with the continuous establishment of subjective concepts, constant understanding of the world, the world is still the same world.

We always like to ask for the meaning of everything.

Who am I? Where am I? Why am I alive?

But the answer to the question is not obvious, so philosophers can keep thinking.

And as ordinary people, we do not know the answer, it still does not affect our normal life, because there are so many trivial problems in life waiting for us to solve.

For example, what to eat today, what clothes to wear, how to do a good job at work, etc. These are small problems that have consumed our memory in our little heads.

A lot of things we learned today but forgot tomorrow. Repeatedly doing seemingly meaningless things, but also enrich the meaning of life.

I don’t know what I look like, but I can decide what my life is like.



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