Do what you really love

Life is short, we came to this world, if we did not do what we love in our life, only do the job that we don’t like until retire, won’t you feel regret?

When we just graduated, in order to survive, we may have to choose those jobs or industries that we are not interested in. We were thinking of making a living first and re-employ later. Then a year has passed, three years have passed, five years have passed … During this time, we are busy getting in love, getting married, having children, and raising children. Busy work during the day, after work, needs to tutor the children or relax, watch TV series, play games.

We don’t have time to think, what do you really want? What do you really like?

For example, you love writing but engaged in mechanical design work, and drawings and machines every day, work without passion because you do not love it, you just do it for wages, work in order to live, work in such a job until retirement, then what’s the meaning of your life?

But if you give up the present job, you might not want to, because the wages are good enough, welfare is also good, and also you already familiar with the work, you may not be so tired, just comfort yourself: it is impossible for everyone to work in their favorite job, Love what you do, don’t look up high into the mountain.

But ask yourself: Are you really like your job? Most people just get used to it and become numb as time goes by.

True love is to do what is interesting, is even if there are no wages but still willing to do it. It is the love from the heart, is we are willing to devote ourselves to it, rather than do it for the money.

When we love one thing, we will be willing to learn its related knowledge and skills, and constantly improve our ability will continue to enhance, naturally, we will do better. So the interest in things at the same time become good things because skills are higher than peers, our income will increase, so more confident to do, this creates a virtuous cycle of work.

Another benefit of doing what we love is that we invest in it with passion every day because we love it and enjoy it. But the job that we don’t like, we will look at the time, looking for the end of the work, will feel bored, no desire, I believe many people have this feeling. So, what kind of state do you want to be?

Do what you really love


Why many of us stop learning after graduation, because they don’t know what to learn, to put in bluntly, because we don’t know what we are interested in, or do not bother to cultivate our own interests.

So, first of all, we have to find our interests, you can signup for some different classes online, or learn something after work, to see which one you like. If you have talent in doing what you like, it is more perfect.

Then, we need to cultivate our interests, we need to continue to learn, from novices to proficiency, to mastery, which takes a long time, but it doesn’t matter, because we like it, so we won’t give up lightly. In the process of learning, we need to constantly remind ourselves, believe that our effort, every sweat, watered in the land of hard work every day, and finally will grow the most beautiful flowers. We can also join a common hobby club, learn together, encourage each other to achieve mutual goals.

Finally, we can slowly taste the sweetness of our interests and continue them. For example, if you like writing, you can write in various ways to realize; if you like photography, you can participate in the photography contest; set up a personal studio after getting some fame; if you like baking, can ask your friends to have a try, and then ask your friends to help promote, slowly open a baking shop.

It is the happiest thing in life to take interest as a career. Even if not as a career, it also enriched our lives, life has more pursuit, our days will become more interesting.

Find your interests, do the things you like, such a life has color, so that we will love our life even more!