Do academic qualifications determine a person’s life, or determine his starting point in life?

Academic qualifications can neither determine a person’s life nor a person’s starting point.

From a rigorous point of view, the types of academic qualifications are diverse, different academic qualifications from the surface can distinguish a person’s level of learning, but can not be distinguished from the true sense. For example, is the people with a college degree better than those without a college degree? Obviously not, Bill Gates is the best example. For example, we often joke that graduate students who graduated, work for those who have not graduate from college. It’s a joke, of course, but in reality, there are a lot of these examples. Many people can not even write a word but can do business to make a fortune, many people have completed their university but can only be limited and do nothing.

Therefore, academic qualifications in a sense can not explain whether a person’s life is successful or failed. That is to say, academic qualification can not determine a person’s life.

However, academic qualifications have a certain degree of intuitiveness, it can reflect the level of people’s cultural level. So in order to quickly understand a person’s level of education, academic qualifications have played its role as a label. When companies hire people, academic qualifications are often the primary consideration.


Labels sometimes play a big role, because people tend to live according to the labels they put. Why can’t we label our children at will, because that leads them to think they’re what the label stands for. The same goes for adults. Therefore, from this level, academic qualification is affecting a person’s life, it can also be said that it is a starting point for a person’s career.

But, on the other hand, not all everyone has equal access to equal education, like children in poor areas, who have access to only a low level of education, even in many poor areas, they didn’t get any education. So is education the decision of their lives, or poverty determines their lives?

The answer is clearly the latter. Knowledge in society should be made available to all because knowledge is the wealth of all mankind, not the wealth of a part of the population. It is unfair to say that some people do not have the corresponding academic qualifications and limit the scope of their academic certificate. Because not everyone’s life from the beginning can walk on the most right path, almost everyone’s life has big and small mistakes. We should give everyone a chance to choose progress, rather than holding the label of academic qualifications to limit a person’s development.

It’s not that small label that determines our lives, it’s our ideal. As long as we choose to improve, as long as we choose to make correction, any kind of right choice is the starting point of life.