Direction of life

I don’t know when does this begin, I lost passion and lost vitality. Day after day, I don’t know what I want.

Sometimes, I want to go back to the past, look at my past self who was motivated, do the things I like, and don’t care about how others see me, living in a happy and full life every day.

Sometimes, complain about getting old, looking at the mirror, seeing that person in the mirror that has achieved nothing, blaming myself and become anxious. But if according to the long-term plan, this is nothing, after all, we are not only living for twenty or thirty years, life is not a 100-meter race, but an endless marathon.

As long as you keep climbing the mountain, walking up, and the road is right, then it is only a matter of time to reach the mountain.

I remember the past few months, there was a time where I was very afraid, what I was afraid of is not about getting any achievement, not about worldly pressure, but about no direction, the direction of life and the direction of career.

Perhaps for common people say the direction of life is very simple: make money, have a family, support their parents and so on. I believe that in a big city, as long as doing well in a job can solve your food and clothing problem, either exchange it with time or exchange it with experience.

In a few years, save some money, find a girl and get married. In fact, I do not want to live in such a life for a lifetime, thinking back there is nothing worth remembering when I am old.

Do you really want to live in this life? I know that even if you have everything, you will still have endless troubles, interpersonal, family, children…, but you will not have food and clothing problems.

You say you understand this clearly, but in fact, you are not clear, because in practice there is not so much, the age level is not to that point.

When you’re really at that age and you’ve done those things, maybe you’re scared in the other direction.

Today, artificial intelligence has taken the place of humans and taken advantage of some people. The mobile phone has become a tool we can not leave behind, even if you do not play games, do not surf Facebook, you will still worry about leaving it a short moment to lose a customer, leaving an important message.


We sometimes put more energy into our internal consumption, such as when we see our friend feeling sad on social media, we will think of our own situation.

Sometimes when we reading something online, interesting ads pop up, we click in because we are curious, we have forgotten what we want to do in the first place.

I gradually do not want to listen to what eloquence people say, do not want to be around the people that give theory and advice, I gradually also like to see the results (not just income, but comprehensive temperament energy, behavior), see the process of people.

Maybe you’ll say that other people’s advice is good for you, is to care about you and so on, I did not say it is bad, accept or ignore the problem, but I believe the result of better people, the process will not be too simple, not too comfortable, will experience something, see things from a broader perspective, just like when you see an apple, the first reaction was taste good or taste bad, but Newton created the theory of mechanics.

When you hear someone say something bad about you, your first reaction is to be angry, to refute, but you should not be disturbed by emotions, and think carefully about what qualities you have in you to make others say that about you.

When you were a grandfather, don’t forget that you were once a grandchild; When you were at the top of the company, don’t forget the way you were last; When you were poor, don’t forget the glory of you fighting for the best.

Please keep a conscious heart, the road is under your foot, the road is also in the present.