Depression is scarier than you think

Historically, many celebrities have suffered from depression, especially artists, politicians, philosophers, like those we are familiar with Hemingway, Johnny Depp, Vincent Van Gogh and so on. Because the pain cannot be solved, they often want to commit suicide. Like the famous painter Van Gogh, although very talented, one painting can sell for more than 80 million dollars today, but he suffered from depression, and he really can not stand it, cut off his ears, and shot himself, died at the age of 37.

For people with depression, they will also laugh, will also live like a normal person, never hurt others, rarely lose their temper, no one will link them to depression. But in fact, their laughter is just to blend in with everyone around them, they will only hurt themselves, turn the world, others dissatisfaction and hatred into inward self-harm. They don’t want people around them to be sad with them, don’t want their bad mood affecting the people around them, only have to smile at everyone. Often people with depression are very kind, they would rather suffer themselves, try to laugh, be strong, just to not cause pain to others.

But no one knows behind that optimistic, their heart was broken to which extent they can’t vent to the outside world, only can harm themselves, they are in a dark world and can’t extricate themselves, they reject the light of the world. And we, however, never really understood these people. We can’t go into their inner world, can’t force to open the window of their heart.

For once, I felt that I had seen a lot of people with depression, they had a certain understanding of themselves, can clearly identify. But I overestimated myself, and people with depression who don’t want to open their hearts to you, you will never know their problem. Even if the consequences of that terrible suicide are completely unpredictable. In fact, because of depression suicide is invincible, you can not stay around them 24 hours a day.

Cities around the world are struggling with suicide, but lament having that suicide, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, global warming, and so on, is getting worse day by day. Prevention and control of suicide, attention to psychological counseling, so that those who should not die, do not have to die, should be a global issue.

Why is the number of suicides among people with depression so high? The main reason is that many people have poor psychological tolerance, can not stand a little wind and waves, can not be a little wrong, even give up life because of a small setback. It doesn’t seem to normal people to be a big problem, and it’s perfectly possible to get through it through legal means and the help of friends and family.

However, they wouldn’t tell, they felt very disgraceful to talk to others about this. They constantly put pressure on their heart, until one day that the last resort fell, became the reason they had to die, so they decided to set foot on that unreturnable road! They would not have thought how cruel it was to their body, how cruel it was to their friends and family around them, their own dreams were gone, and the dreams of those closest to him were gone too.

The root cause lies in not knowing how to awe of life, and don’t know cherish life. In fact, the most terrible thing in life is death. Once people are strong enough to face death, not afraid of death such a big crisis, then what else can they not resist in the past? Life is limited, unique, wonderful, so every day lives well, can be designed by them.

Depression is scarier than you think


According to statistics, if the treatment of depression patients, about one-third will naturally return to normal, about half a year to a year; Depression does have the potential to heal, but the proportion is not too high. But many patients feel they can carry the disease and cure it with their own efforts. This is still too naive, by self-regulation the probability of cure is only a small part or the need for psychological treatment, and drug treatment is the most assured.

Depression is divided into single and bipolar phases. Single-phase depression is typical of depression, while bipolar depression is not only depressed but also accompanied by excitement. However, the performance of the two phases is very different, can be roughly divided into type I and type II. Type I is a typical bipolar, i.e. showing excessive excitement and mania. Type II is atypical bipolar, that is, soft bipolar, to the effect of severe depression as a symptom, the signs of mania is not significant, is in the development of a typical bipolar transition state, performance of less sleep, work and talk fast and more and so on.

People with depression live in a glass cover, they can see the outside world, realistic, and transparent, but isolated. For them, they will not be willing to put their own heart out to speak out to the outside world, even if there is a problem, they will only keep it to themselves. They isolated themselves from the world, for patients with moderate depression, accept the intervention of modern medicine is essential.

The role of medicine is huge, at least can focus on doing their favorite things, such as watching movies, reading, playing with mobile phones, slowly the mind began to clear, have a systematic thinking problems, have initiative to do things, not afraid to meet people, At the same time began to have a desire, if a person loses his desire and emotion, it is not a real person, but just a body, is the Walking Dead living in hell.

But the most important thing is to rely on reason to curb the idea of suicide. Even by elevator, tell themselves a reason to stay away from the elevator window, afraid of that instant impulse to jump off the window. For severe physical symptoms and inner despair, can only rely on the will to survive, so that they do not have the conditions to commit suicide. And don’t let yourself do nothing, try to think about some things, do something. Do as much work as possible. Work itself is the best treatment.

Many people with depression will close themselves up, which is their instinctive defense against the outside world. Closure can relieve a patient’s pain, but it can create new psychological barriers. Suicide is another form of defense, perhaps called the ultimate defense. This defense is the quickest, most effective, and thoroughness, except that it brings destruction.

This destruction to their own is the disaster of destruction, to friends and family are a lifetime of pain. Depression, really more horrible than we imagine, I hope that each of us can attach importance to this mental illness, early prevention, early treatment, do not shy away from medical treatment, bravely wave goodbye to depression.