Cultivate Ways to Think and Grow Wealth

Let’s start with a shoemaker, tailor, barber story.

Once upon a time, there were three poor people. A barber, a tailor, and the other is a shoemaker.

Early in the morning, the shop opened, but their shops have no business. Because the customers saw their messy hair and beard, dirty leather shoes, and hole on the clothes, felt very unprofessional, so they didn’t even come in.

In the midday, three men crouched in front of their shops and worried. Their thoughts: only have $2 in hand, not even enough to feed the family at the end of the day.

The barber first took out a dollar to the tailor shop, to fix the hole on the clothes, and then took another dollar for the shoemaker, the shoemaker carefully polish the shoes for him. After cleaning himself, the barber stood at his door, and the customers saw such a professional and clean look, all come for a haircut. Although he spent $2, he’s getting more businesses.

The tailor and shoemaker were envious when they saw it. So the tailor went to the barber and paid a dollar to cut his hair, and then went to the shoemaker and spent another dollar to polish the shoes. After cleaning up, the customers are coming.

The shoemaker saw that they gained business, finally decided to do the same changes, first spend a dollar at the barber, and then spend another dollar at the tailor. Finally, the customers came to visit. In the evening, three people chat together, found that each person has $5 in hand, but only three new customers came.

What’s going on here? They suddenly understand, the $2 they originally had on hands came in a circle, and then back to their pockets.

This truth reveals that money management is the process of constant cash flow. Money needs to be in circulation in order to generate value.

Thinking determines the way out. The difference between people lies in thinking, want to make money must think, and grow rich.

We should cultivate think and grow wealth, but how should we do it?

1. Believe in yourself

Everyone must believe that they can be rich, self-confidence will give you strength from the inside out, let you shine, make you more persuasive. If you do not believe in yourself, then, everything is a gab.

2. Role model

You have to find a rich person as your role model, pay more attention to his/her deeds, read more books about him/her, the rich basically use good quality to do things, they actively work. If you have a role model, you have to make some rules for yourself and enforce it with self-discipline.

3. Choose a companion

On the way to get rich, you will not be alone, because, what kind of person you want to be, you really work toward it, you will meet people like you, cherish and meet them, learn from them, communicate with each other, you will get there much quicker.

4. Love learning

Learning is a lifetime thing, and in today’s changing society, the things you learn are not considered many, because when you learned it, it may be already out of date, so you have to learn fast enough.

Pay attention to what you are learning, because if your mental strength is strong, you will become what kind of person based on what you learn.

5. Learn to give

If you want to get something, you have to give something first.

Believe in the effect of mutual benefit, I want to get paid, you want to make money, first, give others money, and then multiply the harvest money.

Sometimes you want something, and the first thing you have to do is give, so that you can get a good return in the future, whether it’s money, a smile, love, or friendship.

If you can do these 5 points, you will certainly be able to experience the joy of harvesting wealth in action.