Choice is more important than effort, but effort is equally important!

“If your direction is wrong, then your effort is in vain.” This is something my parents/elders told me. Choice is more important, choose correctly is far more important. Only by going in the right direction, your road will be smoother, otherwise, no matter how much effort you put in, all will be wasted.

A friend once told me: You ask someone who has an interest in engineering to engage in chemistry or engage in biology, this will definitely make him harder to start. It’s not necessarily he/she will do bad, but he/she need to pay much more effort to have a little bit of effect. And if he/she engaged in engineering, he/she does it actively, learning actively, love to learn, a lot of problems are on the cards, which is why you should choose what you like to do.

Another friend is also engaged in engineering, he saw his friend sharing on Facebook trying to apply to be an architect. A few days later, he saw the same friend shared that the course he applied for is not related to architecture. He wasted two or three months studying, now only three months away from the exam, hope that he is able to study on time.

What do these two examples tell us?



If we do things we don’t like or don’t know what we’re aiming for, then even if you work hard again, you’ll be farther and farther away from your goals and won’t succeed in the end.

One of my colleague, his uncle is the company CEO, we all know that human are realistic, and we all understand that the whole society is like this, because of his relationship, he is always slacking, and basically many positions in the company are up to him to choose, but he is not competitive, always come in late and leave early.

The manager also dare not say anything, only can let him do whatever he wants. Finally, after two years of indulging, he feels uninterested and resigned. It would have been a good future waiting for him, but he did not work hard, but because of the relationship with the CEO and indulge himself.

In real life, in order to survive, we have to work day after day in jobs we don’t like. I believe that many people hate what they’re doing right now.

Many people working in the job they don’t like just to wish to work in the job they like.

We always want to do things we don’t like into habits, turn habits into hobbies, but is this still a hobby?

This is a retreat from reality and acceptance.

Is the so-called, “If your direction is wrong, then your effort is in vain,” in this rapid development of society, we must not only understand what we want but also need to go all out so that we have a promising future.