Cherish every experience you have, it’s the best gift life has ever given you

Life is strange, whether it is happy or sad, it is your life story. It is the indispensable valuable wealth in your growth process. It is your deepest reflection when you are old

You have no painful past, no prominent origins, no distinct character, no big dreams. Those rich settings, it doesn’t belong to you … Because you weren’t born to be that kind of character. What you have, it’s just a few short pages, a few minutes. And you have to live up to the value of your life in that limited space.

As a child, you can cry whenever you want, laugh whenever you want. You are weak when you were young, the concept of good or bad is being established, so when you get bullied by your peers, your parents too busy did not seriously accompany you to grow up, so that when you are young, you might feel lack of security.

No matter what your childhood is like, it’s over, and now we’re trying to live the way we want to be.

When you started going to school, you began to leave your parents, began to have your own life circle, began to have differences, began to have your own values, began to know the impact of academic performance on your parents and on the teacher. You either love to study or don’t love studying, but studying is once the most memorable experience.


At that time, the teacher’s praise and punishment began to become the main rhythm of life, hope to graduate as soon as possible. Feel like you have lost your freedom to your parents, and hope that you can grow up quickly to live the life you want.

Perhaps you had your first love at school but broke up for a variety of reasons. You have been devastated, but now it is just an experience. Perhaps you had dropped out of school and may have some regret, but now, you are living in an OK life.

Once upon a time, the fight you had with the students, but now, they are your friends who can sit together and talk and laugh together.

Grow up, graduated, or you have already started working for several years. While thinking of your ideal life, while beginning to work hard, after many trials and errors, only to find out how good school life is, it is so comfortable under the protection of parents!

Got married, had kids of your own, slowly know the responsibility of the elder, know how hard the parents to raise a kid, life pressure becomes more and more heavier, sometimes feel that life is so bitter, everything is not good, a day down feel like a machine, no thought, only work according to the regular life, if changes the regular pattern, will be dazed, will be overwhelmed.

The life planned in the past has been long gone.

As you get older, your memory slowly becomes worse, what happened in the past is becoming more clearer, and being able to sit still and recall is the most beautiful time.

As long as it is your own life experience, no matter good or bad are not important, the key is to experience so that you have the memories. Don’t be afraid of trauma, and remember the good in life, no matter what kind of experience, it is the best gift your life had given to you.