Can’t see the future, just grasp the present

There is a kind of loneliness that you muster the courage to say what you think, but what you get is just the laugh by the crowd. A road that only you believe only has you as the passer-by, you don’t have to care about what others think, because you will wait for those who laughed at you at the future intersection.

Even though life is long, a person’s real-life begins on the day you want to be strong. Don’t worry about missing out on a chance, we have a lot of opportunities to start life because we are bound to be soberer than once.

From the high school days that no one cares about, to the college campuses that no one knows, everyone swims in the long river of life, each with their own posture, and each with their own props. You look at your ugly appearance, standing on the shore, you decided to take a long breath to the bottom of the water. You don’t want others to see how bad you are, just want others to see you coming out at the end, want to see their sense of shock.

Such diving, no tutorial, no direction, the heart shouted again: “I can’t make it, I’m going to die!”

On the border between dead gray and unconscious, your hand touched the hard end wall, like a rebirth of the end wall, big breath, look back to the road, being proud of yourself

When you suddenly realized that “No matter how much effort you put it, this does not belong to you”, you suddenly feel a kind of unprecedented relief. It is not others who have been struggling to fight, but stubborn ones.

Giving up is to save time for life, but also to let us look from the unworthy place to those who are worth staying in.

Life’s fiasco doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just a bad start or a low point that must go through before going uphill. For the seventeen-year-old you, twenty-five or twenty-six-year-old you, or in your early thirties you, I believe you have met those heavy almost make you can not lift the head of the trouble at every age.

Amazingly, you will later found that as long as you did not give up, then no one dares to kick you out like the referee giving out red card, the whole field will wait for you to run the full course, the last one across the finish line is not bad, the audience will be standing and clapping because of this “shameless” tenacity – as long as you do not give up, it is worth getting applause.

When we can’t see the future in our twenties, we often find ourselves struggling to breathe in the thin, wet, cold air. Can’t find fresh oxygen, and no warm mate, a mess, do not know where to go.

Someone stopped and didn’t bother to move forward. There are still people can only choose to tell themselves to endure for a while, and then take a step forward.


21-year-old graduated from college and you went to work in broadcast. At that time, there were nearly ten college students enrolled in the same batch, and the jobs were similar, but after a while of work, you found that only you and another male colleague worked nearly 15 hours a day, while the others work less than 6 hours.

Your first reaction was “unfair” and you felt stupid. You are also a college student, why you have to work overtime, shooting, editing, writing planning, while others are so free?

Later you complain to the male colleague who works hard as you, trying to get some warm resonance in the cold: “Do they treat us both like a cow? Why are we all suffering, and we don’t get as much as we do?”

That male colleague looked at you and said, “There is only so much work, take 50 hours of work a day to calculate, we did 30 hours, the rest of the people only do 20 hours of work, each work took around three to four hours.”

If work is to upgrade and gain experience, we both get more experience than they do first, and when we make 100 industry mistakes, they may only make less than 10, and the older you get, the less likely we are to be forgiven for making mistakes. We’re robbing people of their chances, how can we be the one who are “unfair”?”

From that moment on, you tell yourself: most people will not work in the same place for a lifetime, most people will not do in the same position for a lifetime, all of our accumulation is to give the last position of life to lay a stable foundation, so every opportunity to gain experience is particularly important.

If all people work the same time, the quality of work is pure IQ and emotional intelligence, you look at yourself in the mirror – doesn’t have the face of the main character, without working hard, you can only become the passer-by in this life.

Where a person can go in the future not depends on imagination but it depends on what you have done and how you are doing today.

Since you can’t see the future clearly, why not grasp the present well. What is in your hands, will always follow you.