Can’t do well, maybe its not your problem

One day, a hunter led a hound to hunt. The hunter shot a rabbit and let the hound chase it. The hound went for it, but the rabbit got away and managed to escape with an injury. The hunter was very angry and scolded at the hound. The hound was particularly aggrieved and said, “I’ve tried my best, but the rabbit is too cunning, I really can’t do anything.”

After the rabbit fled back, its partner heard that in the case of injury, and still able to escape safely from the hound. So they curiously asked the rabbit, “How did you do that?” The rabbit said: “If the hound can’t chase me, at most will be scolded by the hunter. If I cannot get away, I will be eaten by it.” I don’t have the same problem as the hound.”

Is the hound interested in the rabbit? The answer is unknown. Why the injured rabbit can escape from the hound’s nose because it needs to survive. And if the hound can’t chase the injured rabbit and it might starve to death, this might be another ending. The primary problem of humans, for rabbits, is survival, survival is the biggest goal. If a person has no food, they mostly have no mind to fulfill their interest.

Whether or not interest is the best teacher, maybe, maybe not, more likely, it is based on survival-based interest, it is possible to become the best teacher. More crucially, between interest and doing a good job may not be what we think it is, not because of interest so we did well, but because we do well, it becomes an interest. People who like to take pictures are not interested in taking pictures but because they take good pictures. People who like to sing are not interested in singing but because they sing well. Of course, the good here is relative – because there may be only better.

Some people may say that taking pictures well, singing well, is not a born talent, need to go through a certain amount of practice, before reaching a certain level. Before that, didn’t you do it because you were interested? Maybe not, and more likely, this is what you just need.

Maybe at the beginning, your photo taking skill is not good, in order to take a photo that satisfies your girlfriend, you have to learn to take photos, you can only secretly make up your mind, secretly practice, see others take pictures good-looking, likable, you also want to learn. If you can find the original reasons, perhaps you can find your need. 

From this point of view, need might be the best teacher. For example, surfing the Internet, almost no one has taught us how to surf the Internet, but most people almost know it as soon as they learn. From this point of view, perhaps need is the best teacher. Because of our own needs, we learn hard. Because often learn, learning ability continues to improve, learning efficiency is also getting higher. The more you learn, the more you’re interested in. This is a positive cycle. That’s why successful people are getting more successful because they learn more and more things, learning efficiency is getting better and better.

Finding more needs on the basis of survival and developing them into one of your interests may be one way to improve learning efficiency.