Can you choose to live the life you want?

You have the life you want to live, you have your own dream, but you have never taken the initiative to choose.

We were chosen by our parents to come into this world. From birth to high school, all the choices are chosen for us. From high school to college, we choose the major, basically also chosen by our parents. After graduation, we continue to send resumes to multiple companies, painfully waiting to be selected.

When we get to work, our salary, our promotion, are all based on the employer’s decision.

We can’t decide our own destiny, and we have been chosen to give us the opportunity to choose our destiny.

Please sit down and think about it for five minutes, can you see through the day of your life, all your life like this? Are you going to repeat today’s life until you die?

If you feel that life is meaningless now, then from now on, you need to make a life choice.

Miracle comes when you make a choice

Each of us believes ourselves as a talent, a genius, but whether you are a talent or a genius, you have to choose the place where you can use your talent.

If your current life doesn’t allow you to use your talent, and the work you do doesn’t make you like and love, then make a choice right away.

You must have the courage to choose, to have a choice, to have hope, miracle comes when you make a choice. You do not have to be afraid of the outcome, there is no regret comes with a choice, only regret when you do not choose.

As long as you choose bravely, the life you want, maybe miracles will happen, perhaps you have the key to the door of wealth.

choice of life


Choice is a stroke of luck.

Everyone wants to get rich overnight, everyone wants to meet someone that can help them in life, everyone wants their luck to be better.

But the choice of luck does not blindly await, but actively seek luck and embrace it.

You have to be proactive in choosing that someone, choosing someone who is the ones who decide where your life is going.

When you choose the right person, you choose luck. Keep waiting, what’s await is only a lifetime of sighs.

There is no good luck falling from the sky, the best way is to take the initiative to act, actively seek, take the initiative to choose. The people who choose to take the initiative to live, live the life they want.

Life is full of choices and loses

Maybe you might make the wrong choice, maybe your choice is a failure, but fault and failure are the guarantees of your next correct choice.

Life is full of choices, gains, and loss, and if you want to change your life now, you must reject the definitions and labels.

You are defined as an office worker, a poor man, can you put up with a label like this, and do you really want to live your life under such a label?

Don’t wait for choice, don’t wait for change, you are the master of your life, you are responsible for your life, make the right and bold choice and change it.

Not happy because the choice was made for you

Have you noticed, we are not happy because we are chosen to do things we dislike.

We don’t like the eight-hour work system, but in order to live, we have to do it even if we don’t like, we have people we don’t like, but in order to live, we have to work with them.

There is only one way to change all this, which is to choose what you want to do, choose the person you like.

People’s greatest happiness is to do what they like with the people they like.

One’s greatest happiness is that he can’t have entanglements and anxiety about life now.

Only choose what you like to do, only choose to be with the people you like, your mood will be sunny every day.

Having the choice made for you, can you still live the life you want?

By being chosen by life, by the era, by others, we have never really chosen our lives independently.

The real choice is real freedom.

Perhaps you will say that others do e-commerce I also choose to do e-commerce, others choose to start a business, I also choose to start a business.

But, that’s not the real choice.

The real choice is that you choose what others can’t do, you choose what others don’t want to do, it’s what you choose what others don’t dare do.

Choose what others can do, then you choose to follow the flow. Choosing to follow the flow is like having no choice because this choice does not change your luck and wealth.

You must have the courage and wisdom to choose what will happen for the next five or even ten years so that your future will be different.

This is really a good era, everyone can create miracles, everyone can become a hero.

You must be bold to choose the life you want, to create your life, to be a different kind of person.