Be who you want to be and don’t be what other people want you to be

Be who you want to be, and don’t be what other people want you to be. The hardest thing to do in this world is to live your own life, but if you want, you can live your life.

Do what you like and don’t be disturbed by others.

Love your life and love everything about yourself. All you can think of, and what you can’t imagine can be achieved. As long as you do it seriously, treat everything as if it were your own business.

That way you’ll reap a different kind of wonderful.

You only live once, you either become yourself, or you drift with the flow, it’s all up to you.

In the road to becoming yourself is difficult and tortuous, but you still have to face it for your ideal.

The ideal is the most unbearable, the dream of the valve once opened, you won’t be able to stop. Just stick to it and you can reap it.

don't be what other people want you to be


No road is simple, and any road is fraught with difficulties.

The most important thing is that you insist on that process, no matter what difficulties you encounter, you have to learn to face it independently.

Growth itself is painful, and comfort is reserved for the dead.

Be positive and optimistic about the people around you, and put things in place, rather than just looking at the surface.

Put in effort for your ideal, and the process itself is worth happy.

A positive and optimistic attitude is good medicine.

An optimistic attitude can easily help you get happiness and freedom, only by being optimistic can really get valuable things. Do not live in the eyes of others, live into your own eyes.

Take seriously what you do and keep an optimistic heart.

It is better to change yourself than complaining about the world, and a good state of mind is the catalyst for our growth. The best way to make yourself good is to keep improving yourself.

Only if you are good, then good people will come close to you.

You have to always understand that everything you do makes sense.

You are not living to get the affirmation of others but to live out yourself and get your own affirmation.

The road ahead is dangerous, the road can be invincible. Strengthen yourself and let yourself shine. You have to keep enriching yourself at all times.

Actively go forward, strive to become a better self, draw a perfect end to your life.

One person only has one way of living, no one is perfect. No matter how beautiful the scenery along the route, we still have to hold. Don’t forget yourself, make yourself awake at all times.

Maintain a state of seriousness so that you can really play to your strengths.

There are many shortcuts, but shortcuts don’t necessarily make you happy. A happy living method is a detached way of living, is a kind of no desire way of living.

But in the face of this complex world, how many of us can really live in this kind of life?

All we have in mind is benefits, no real standards. We should use our actions to prove ourselves. Day after day, week after week. Believe in your own intuition and judgment, and strive to manage yourself, make yourself become light, illuminate others, warm the heart.

Believe in yourself, you can certainly do it.