As an ordinary person, what kind of mentality should be used to look at those ‘successful people’?

There are so many people with outstanding achievements in the world, they seem to have the ability to manipulate the world, a small move can subvert the lives of ordinary people. In front of them, ordinary people are like ants, focused only on the crumbs in their mouths. A huge sense of imbalance will make us question our own life.

Whether or not you are aware of this fact, the inequality of life has been playing out in every corner of the world. Optimistically, the people who are not as good as we are also a huge group. As if this is a problem that hardly put on the table, large-scale inequality from our birth, even began since the older generation.

Whether looking at this issue in an optimistic or pessimistic manner, it is impossible to erase the deep-seated sense of imbalance. This is a very important issue that subconsciously always affecting the dignity of our lives. Either become arrogant or humble, no one can get rid of it.

The experience of truth begins with the perception of truth. Both religion and frontier physics consider everything to be a whole. Such a broad world view is not easy to shake the sleeping mind.

The universe in order to fully experience itself, create a material game of illusion, let countless souls participate in this grand game, looking for a way back. The way the soul learns is to create its own illusions, that is, independent personality, and accumulate knowledge for the soul through human actions.

Everyone, unconsciously, serves this common purpose. In this interactive game, all of us play their part, guided by the soul, and human performances, in this near-real illusion, show the diversity of the universe. It is impossible for all to be great, and world progress requires a variety of roles to promote, and it is everyone’s ultimate responsibility to be able to play their part.

So what good are we ordinary people playing an ordinary role? Understand this: all the successful people are indirectly serving me. Enjoy the joy and convenience of world progress, perform relationships, and promote personal growth. In the end, we work edify together at the soul level and successful people.

Don’t over-understand the process from a personal level, everyone’s progress is different, as shown by the age of the soul.

After understanding the truth at the cosmic level, can you accept the inequalities in life and focus more on life?