Are you tired of your current job?

Working in the same position for a long time, started with full passion and the passion slowly disappearing. No way to jump, no promotion, monotonous work, no joy, day after day, year after year.

Want to have a more relaxing and more salary job, but also want to embody self-worth, am I thinking too much, am I devote too little?


Occupational failure

American psychologist Potter said: “The typical job burnout is that you have the ability to work, but you lose the motivation to work.”

Common manifestations include: feel that the work is uninteresting, meaningless, feel exhausted, have burned out the lights, tired of work, lack of motivation to work tomorrow.

Potter believes that the causes of job burnout can be grouped into two categories: helplessness and habituation.

Helplessness refers to the loss of a person’s sense of control over one’s work, the feeling that leadership, opponents, or other external factors control their work processes and benefits, thereby losing their motivation to work.

When a person completely loses the space of power and becomes the executor of others ‘ will in his work, he loses enthusiasm and creativity completely.

Any decision will have to consult the leader, decide by the leader, if met democratic leader, you can give your idea, if you encounter autocratic leader, you can only obey, work without making any decision right.

In such a working environment, the passion of work disappears in the internal friction, the energy of creativity is silted up, leaving only a dried-up brook to survive in the crevice between the stones.


Habituation refers to a person who repeats the same work routine day after day, and eventually gets bored and knocked down.

Why does repetition bring boredom?
This is a simple psychological law: the excitement of all sorts of things is the highest degree of excitement in the first stimulus, and the degree of excitement is slowly falling, and if you fall into a simple repetition, it will bring you boredom.

However, if you can continue to build a deeper relationship with one thing because of repeated learning and thinking, then you will experience the opposite feeling and then generate the flow of heart.

It’s fun to find in a tedious job. For example, delivering a parcel originally is a very boring job. A courier, he found ways to improve the efficiency of delivery. Originally every parcel he sent to the recipient’s home, if some at the top floor, getting up and down occupy a lot of time, and often encounter such a situation where the recipient is not at home, sometimes he will need to repeatedly deliver the parcel.

Later he put all the parcels in each community placed in one place, and then call to each recipient, although on the surface, he lost a small amount of calling fees, but he greatly saved his labor time. Counted down, his daily delivery of the total amount and income are multiplied.
In this monotonous work, he brought himself a great pleasure by thinking about changing his working methods.


Give meaning to your job

Frank, a psychologist who walked out of Nazi camp, wrote about the meaning of living life, and that the most important thing in life is discovering the meaning of life.

The punishment of Sisyphus in ancient Greek mythology- is to push the stone up the hill, but the stone will always roll down when it is almost to the top of the mountain.

Let Sisyphus consume life in this void and hopeless–that is, utterly meaningless–and the Greek gods regard it as the severest punishment.

Psychologist Frank said: “The devotion to love a person, put out to do something, happiness will come.”

The results from birth to death are meaningless, but we can still feel the richness of the life process.
No matter the work process is tired or trivial, we can still find meaning in the process of work, feel each small indeed bring happiness, cherish the present every day, everyone around.

When we can’t change others and the environment around us, the only thing we can do is change ourselves.