Are you moving further away from the life you want?

Do you remember the dream you had or the life you want when you were young, did you able to achieve the dream yet?

We all looked up at the starry sky and fancied that one day it would be the brightest.

Have you ever longed for a stage, a dream to have a band of your own, enjoying the cheering from fans, sing a song of your own, and gently tell the melodious story;

Have you ever yearned for the field in the distance, want to carry your backpack and roam alone, go to every desperate corner, see the rain and fall in the jungle, watch the birds, and see the whole world.

We have all dreamed that we want to become something/someone, want to live the life we want to, that is a throbbing, a deep desire flowing out from our deep heart.

You have tried, in order to go to the place you want to reach, or for yourself, or for others, or to wait for an ignorant love, or to hold on to a certain faith in your heart, we work hard and look forward to one day to become the one we want to be.

At that time, the dream is ignorant and naïve, the life at that time is full of countless possibilities, no matter which is desirable, with the increase of age, we have more and more, carrying more and more, bound by more and more rules and feet, choices that can be made become less and lesser, fault tolerance rate in life is getting lower and lower, the cost of making mistakes is increasing, so we gradually live carefully, step by step.

life you want


After the hammering of life, we all slowly put up the edge, become mellow and sophisticated, perhaps live a uniform, nine to five life, return to the family, return to the bland, gradually put down the travel bags, put down the dream of the distance.

Do not know when does it start, life is filled with rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, bottles and cans, working hours accounted for one-third of the day, leisure time surrounded by the wife and children. So when facing real life, we no longer talk about dreams and also hide the appearance we fantasied at that time.

This is not escaping, nor is it a compromise, it is a commitment, it is a responsibility that needs to be taken.

Maybe there are people who replaced us to carry the responsibility, maybe it is our parents, maybe it is an important people around us, but those responsibilities that belong to us will eventually fall on our shoulders.

When one day you found that the white hair has unwittingly climbed up to our parents’ sideburns, the once strong body becomes hobbled, you will find that the road far away, and there is no road is as solid as the one in front.

Maybe one day you have a big belly, without the handsome when you were young, become greasy and sloppy, hair getting lesser and lesser; you no longer makeup when going out, unkempt, become bloated, or even haven’t worn a skirt for a long time.

This is no longer what we want to be, and we even slowly become the nasty and disdainful look of the year.

We can’t stop ourselves from getting old and also can’t escape the secular torture, we are in the pursuit of the old face, but also gradually away in the torrent of life and the year, big faintly in the city, all the noise and uneasiness will turn into bland, we will eventually remember those years of fooling around and play in our life.