Afraid is useless, fear is your energy station

What can you do when you are afraid?

Only fear can make you take action!

As in the Vampire Diaries, fear will teach you how to survive if you’re really in a place full of vampires.

What are you afraid of?

Afraid of no money? Afraid of being looked down by others? Afraid of not able to succeed?

What fear can give you, other than getting you farther away from what you are afraid of, is to make you feel weaker.

Afraid of being looked down? Always feel that you are poor, always feel that others are looking at you with a strange vision, looking at you with a weak mentality.

Afraid of not able to succeed? Feel that what you can do, others can do better, do not necessarily do better than others, so deny yourself, how to face the challenge bravely?



Everyone more or less have all kinds of worry and fear; Scared that they are not good enough, scared that they will not be valued by the manager and so on. What I want to discuss today is: Afraid of useless, fear will only make us look more like a weak; like a loser stealing shine from the main actor.

In this world where everyone is trying to gain attention, you secretly scared, are you waiting for your boss to knock on your door and come to your work station every day to offer your condolences:

“You are the best! Keep going!”

Is this possible?

Afraid of messing up, afraid of being replaced, afraid of becoming poor, even afraid of your husband has an affair, This is only the first step in reflection, indicating that you intend to improve yourself.

Because to see better people, feel that we are not good enough, so we worry of being replaced.

Knowing that many jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, are you afraid that your job will be replaced?

Because you feel that you are not earning enough money, seeing everyone getting a raise, all kinds of ways to earn money, so afraid of becoming the poorest person in the circle of friends?

In any case, it’s a good thing that you start to care about yourself, focusing on your inner world, and start to think about it and want to change.

The so-called personal growth, in fact, is a denying action. Your fear conveys your negative attitude to the bad part of your self-do, but too negative.

After being afraid, you must be more afraid, and the fear multiplies ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times until you feel broken.

Only when you are afraid to the extreme can produce fear, and only people who negative to the extreme will change “I can’t do” into “how can I do?”

I believe that many people are worried about not enough money, just sorrow, fear, afraid and doesn’t take any action. In fact, worry that without taking any action is really useless, this can only mean that you are not “worry” enough.

Please enlarge your fear, your worries, and perhaps you can find the right solution.

Of course, you may afraid that fear will overwhelm you, get rid of your “no longer a little girl or a little boy”, and when you force yourself to suggest that your fear is infinitely expanded, then what fear you have, is just fear that motivate you to try to find a way to survive.

Just like in the TV series, you are afraid of being killed by vampires, in such a gloomy, dark atmosphere of fear, you will find a way to save yourself. Whether it is to check the information, looking for each other’s weaknesses, you are no longer the poor bug crouched in the corner, you have to learn to become a soldier, who fight for yourself, friends and family.

So when you watch a series like “The Vampire Diaries”, you see a group of human “hunters” and the magical witches.

In fact, from the “vampire” and other fictional characters, you will understand that even if they are strong, there will always be weaknesses, there is always a way to subdue and kill them.

Things and people are the same, fear of being poor will feel like embarrass in front of friends, a variety of part-time, money-making ways, although not every way is suitable for you, but try hard and do research, there is always something that suitable for you.

But the premise is that you need to be genuinely afraid, and then you will seriously study and take action.