Accept yourself, even the worst of you.

Today I read an article about a mainlander who has settled in Hong Kong, about her feelings about living in Hong Kong and her understanding of Hongkongers and the city of Hong Kong.

After reading, my feeling is that the current Hongkongers, the gap between the rich and the poor is large, people can dream of getting rich overnight, but they can also recognize the present self, even if it is poverty.

Among my group of friends, some of the rich friends occasionally share some articles about the future gap between rich and poor, class differences crisis. In my opinion, this trend is very normal, we do not need to be anxious and fearful about this.

The class you are in doesn’t need you to be anxious to have a huge reversal, all we have to do is do our best and be ourselves, and then, at the end, which circles you’re divided into society, just enjoy the rights and obligations that that circle brings to you.

Some people will say, it’s not that I don’t want, but when I think about it, I will feel that I am having a bad time. Hearing this, I usually will ask, “You think you’re having a bad time, so what’s your ideal state of life?” At this time, usually we will give a not a so specific answer, may depict those just idle around to kill time life, or depict those overnight rich myths. Some people simply don’t know what is their ideal state. 

In fact, those so-called the present is bad, yearning for the ideal life is basically does not exists.

accept yourself


In my opinion, when evaluating our current state of life, we only need to ask ourselves a few questions, then we will have the answer.

The first thing to ask yourself is, which part of your life is bad? Is it because there is not enough room for you to perform your talents? Or do you have a Ph.D. degree and can’t find a job that matches your degree? Or is it that you are ostracized, crushed, and feeling useless in the workplace?

When you feel that there is no way to go, are you too persistent in the present and the current, and forget to see the distant scenery?

The second question is to ask yourself whether your birth, living environment, eating habits, and past efforts match your current state of life.

Birth is a person’s starting point, each person’s place of birth, parents, family, genetic genes are different, affecting a person’s starting point. Living environment and eating habits affect a person’s health base. Past efforts, with your own efforts and the support of your families, including academic qualifications, academic ability, work, study, and work have different experiences, these are factors, so if our birth, living environment, and past efforts, living habits, etc., and your current state of life is matched, then, your current state of life is considered a good life, whether you earn three thousand or three hundred thousand a month, healthy or unhealthy.

Sometimes, we feel like we’re in a dead-end, or we feel bad about not being able to see the difference between other people’s successes and our own failures, and we’re usually more concerned about that result than thinking about and analyzing where the gap is.

It’s should not be the difference between results, but the gap between the starting point and the process of this outcome, and if you look at that, then, for what we have now, we have to accept it, because this is what we deserved.

The worst state of human beings is not able to accept the reality of our own appearance, reality and ideal have a gap, we can not overcome and can’t accept this gap, this is the most terrible thing in life.

Once we are unable to accept our own status quo, including appearance, the situation, the society in which we live, the native and the new family, these are not immutable, but the variable dimension is also limited and has something to do with our own abilities and efforts.

For example, appearance, single eyelids can change to double eyelids, the big face becomes smaller, obesity can become thinner, but these are variable, are also in a certain dimension, there are certain restrictions, and are all within certain dimensions to get change.

Your family condition can also be changed through efforts, for example, poverty can become rich by working hard, can bring rural parents to live in the city to improve the living environment of parents, but the personality of parents, the birth of parents, your origin, genetic diseases, and so on, these can not be changed.

Many times, recognizing the facts, understanding the state of everything presented at the moment, is the result of the initial you and your family, the habits and efforts you have developed for a long time, and every effort that your ancestors have accumulated. So, when facing your present appearance and state, if all this is reasonable, it is the best state of life.

This is what you deserve to be, whether you are presenting an elegant or a bad self, you should be accepting it.

People, the reason for the pain, is often yearning for those unrealistic, elusive things, that is, bottomless desire. Be objective and rational to look at the present, analyze the present, put into the corresponding efforts, accept the result no matter more or less.