A man who is connecting reality and sci-fi together

If you’ve seen Marvel movie, you might know about Iron Man, an absolute genius with advanced armor, fight to save the planet. Many might see such a role as out of reach, but in real life, there’s a “prototype”, known as the real-life Iron Man, Elon Musk.

Maybe you don’t know much about Elon Musk, you don’t know what’s great about this guy, so you don’t know why can he be called a man who’s walking between reality and sci-fi.

But it doesn’t matter, because I’ll use the shortest words to describe the man who wanders between reality and sci-fi.

Program games at the age of 12, walked the North American alone at 17, started the company in college, then founded The SpaceX, then moved into electric cars, started Tesla cars, then started a new energy company to promote a range of power industries such as solar energy.

Maybe you don’t feel sci-fi from his actions, you can only feel he is far ahead of you, but the next thing you hear about the SpaceX launch vehicle, the Starlink mission, the Martian migration, you’ll marvel that this man doesn’t seem to be Earthling because he’s heading in the direction of the universe.

When he founded SpaceX, he worked as a technical expert in the core design of SpaceX’s recyclable rockets, making SpaceX the world’s most advanced space company.

The crew Dragon spacecraft, which has attracted global attention, as reported by the world’s major media and was expected to take off but delayed because of the weather.

When we heard about the news, it may not have been much of a surprise, but when you saw SpaceX’s spacesuits and spacecraft, it was a complete surprise.

This is clearly the scene described in the sci-fi movie, with sci-fi color, and inside the old spacecraft has undergone dramatic changes, we used to see a lot of instruments in the spacecraft, leaving little space for the astronauts, but SpaceX’s spacecraft is full of monitors as if it is a holographic projection.

The Starlink mission, which was buzzing news on the internet for some time, is also part of Musk’s ambitions.

The Starlink mission is planned to build the world’s largest WiFi network, and will officially begin serving all of humanity in 2020, fast, low-cost communication program, so that wireless networks cover the entire earth, the future can provide low-cost wireless network coverage around the world, no matter where you are on the earth, you will have network coverage.

Immortality of human life is one of the priorities for the future, and Musk has brought the Neuralink.

Neuralink is to build an interaction of the human brain and the outer brain through electrodes, on one hand, through the USB-C interface to collect the brain nervous system, read the brain signal, to control external devices, on the other hand, external information can be fed back to the brain through stimulation.

Through Neuralink, humans can easily and freely learn knowledge or spread ideas, even basic education that takes decades to complete can be completed in a short time.

Musk has been teased that everything Musk has done is to make Mars a last resort, to transform Mars, and migrate humans to Mars.

Mars we all know is the sister planet of The Earth, according to scientists, Mars used to have good living space and environment just like Earth so that now scientists now see Mars as the second home of mankind.

Musk has said that making it possible to travel to Mars is something we can accomplish in our lifetimes, and he has said it will take about 22 years to send a million people to Mars. The goal after arriving on Mars was to build a self-sufficient city that would “develop into a living planet”, and SpaceX was tasked with this important task.

After reading it, you might feel Musk’s incredulity that what this person wants to do is something that no one can think about.

In the eyes of many, he is the Ironman of the real world, the crazy technological innovator, the successful businessman, the ambitious adventurer, the paranoid dreamer…

And it seems to me that he’s the “crazy man” who wanders between reality and sci-fi.