80% of people will experience periods of workplace burnout

We always hear people say, no passion for work, don’t feel the motivation, the daily work is like a routine, no energy.

Then there will be a bunch of complaints, putting bad results on others, don’t have a little responsibility, back and forth, into a bad cycle.

One study found that 55 percent of people are not satisfied with their job and tend to be burnout if they last longer.

The passion when first started working, with the passage of time, with not much improvement in career, the passion has gradually reduced.

It’s kind of like something you want to do, but you don’t see any improvement, doing it and feeling like you’re not fit to do it, and give up after just started.

Others who insist on doing it don’t always succeed, but they have more hope than someone who’s given up.

In fact, this is human nature, and there is no problem with this. It’s also a warning that you have a painful signal to grow, and that it’s a good thing to have emotions pass on to yourself, and asking you to change.

But if we want to be excel in our workplace, we need to curb that humanity.

Learning is anti-human, but learning can make people progress, can make people think openly, can make people know the skills …

So if we in the burnout period, we must adjust in time, use a positive attitude to break the negative.

Make yourself an improvement plan

Most of the reason for the burnout comes from our own tiredness of the repeated work cycles of the job.

Over the years you may have just increased your proficiency in work, but not in the true sense of growth.

Without learning something new, without innovative ideas, it’s time to stop and think about it, develop a growth plan for ourselves, and have a new one, and new challenges.

Or challenge a harder job, let your work has a big upgrade, the game also has new updates and better version, why can’t we do so? If the boss didn’t help us, we can do it ourselves, take the initiative to find greater job challenges.

burnout work


Reasonable arrangement of working hours

Working hours need to be arranged scientifically, avoid being too tired, long-term overtime and overload operation will certainly appear emotional deterioration. So tired of work, reasonably assigned to each link, ensure that every minute is not wasted. Only reasonable planning can be organized and clear-thinking able to continue. Of course, 996 way of working, I do not agree, if the meaning of work is only working to earn money and not life, then what is the meaning of life?

Proper abandonment of perfectionism

Sometimes complete the work in a too-perfect way will give yourself too much pressure and burden, strive to do the best, do the best within your ability, do not pursue the super-ability embodiment, in order to be perfect, force driven to collapse. Often you will not get the best results, often perfectionist may end up imperfect.

Venting negative emotions

Interpersonal relationship grooming is also an important part. When in a good interpersonal atmosphere, someone listening to your emotions is also a way of dredging, appropriate venting of bad emotions, mature professionals should adjust their negative emotions, negative emotions like garbage it needs to be regularly dumped.

Change your mindset

The work is not only a job but sees it as a comprehensive ability of training, work with people communication, meetings, discussion with colleagues, work report writing, etc. , not only toward the repeated cycle but also other work behavior can also be trained and promoted so that your multi-faceted skills can be improved.

Find your own interests

Whether we have to consider a lot of aspects of whether to change jobs, whether we have put a lot of effort into this company, have mastered the ability, whether your work is repetitive work; If so, you have to think clearly about your interests, if after working for a year and two years, there is no high interest in the job, then you can re-plan your career, find the job where your interest is the most fortunate thing.

Through these steps, you should have a certain change, a little change every day, you will cross this period of burnout into a new field, continue to struggle in the workplace of life.

Of course, there will always be a new burnout, there is nothing to avoid, people are like this, it doesn’t matter, we start again, life is refining over and over again and finally reach a peak.